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NRF - The Nordic Federation of Public Accountants

The Nordic Federation of Public Accountants (NRF) was founded in 1932. NRF is probably the oldest still existing international federation of professional accountancy bodies. Members of NRF are the leading national institutes of professional accountants in the five Nordic Countries.

Our idea is that we, the professions in five small countries, can contribute better to the advancement of the profession worldwide and gain more influence in that work by combining our forces. Wherever possible, our international activities are based on the NRF principle.

Members of NRF are the leading national bodies of professional accountants in Denmark (FRR and FSR), Finland (HTM/GRM and KHT/CGR), Iceland (FLE), Norway (DnR) and Sweden (FAR SRS). The total number of individual members is close to 16,000. If you want to read our Constitution, click here.

NRF has a small permanent secretariat in Copenhagen. To get in touch with us, click Contact above. Most of the NRF work, however, is done by our member bodies, and you find information about it on their websites. Click the flags above.

The NRF member bodies participate in the European professional development (FEE) and the worldwide standard setting process (IFAC). You find links to FEE, IFAC and other international institutions if you click Links above. To find out who represents us where, click Representation above.


Kronprinsessegade 8 | DK-1306 COPENHAGEN K, Denmark | Tel. +45 3369 1065
Fax +45 3311 0913 (FSR) |

NRF has a new Secretary General and a new office
Jens R°der took over from Bj÷rn Markland as Secretary General, and NRF moved its office to Copenhagen on 1 January 2010.
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New Chair in Iceland
١rir Ëlafsson was elected new Chair of Icelandic NRF Member Body FLE
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